Flamenco Biënnale Intermezzo Noche Blanca | Bimhuis

Flamenco Biënnale Intermezzo Noche Blanca | Bimhuis

14 jun 20:30 - 15 jun 00:00 - Amsterdam

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A Flamenco White Night with no less than three concerts, ranging from traditional to jazz. A real ‘Nocha Blanca’ which, in true Spanish fashion, will carry on into the small hours.
The Flamenco Biennial goes all out in this season’s final intermezzo. Before the two-yearly festival will erupt in January 2019, there will be a sparkling flamenco marathon this coming June. During these two long flamenco nights in Amsterdam (BIMHUIS, June 14) and Rotterdam, we will present both classical and modern flamenco sounds by a new generation of flamenco performers, the current rising stars in Spain, who will be making their Dutch debuts.

From pure, gorgeous, deep flamenco singing by Pedro ElGranaino & Patrocinio Hijo to free, modern flamenco interpretations by guitarist Rycardo Moreno & singer Sandra Carrasco, whose ‘A Galeano’ was inspired by Uruguayan writer Eduardo Galeano’s Libro de los Abrazos (The Book of Embraces). The night will end in swinging style with saxophonist and singer Antonio Lizana’s Quintet. Firmly bridging jazz and flamenco, he will be presenting his latest album ‘Oriente’ with the rhythmic flair of his native Cádiz and the virtuoso contributions of his special guest, Dutch saxophonist Arno Bornkamp.

Pedro ‘el Granaíno’ is a true-bred singer who started out in the world of flamenco with Los Farrucos. It was not however until 2012 that he made his debut as a solo cantaor to initiate a career that had led him to collaborate with guitarists such as Vicente Amigo or Tomatito and with cantaores of the calibre of Enrique Morente or Alejandro Sanz. He now comes to the Netherlands with his album Tierra with which he probes into the deepest and most primitive sorrow and the most innocent joy.

Gripping is the raspy voice and the elegance and emotions Pedro el Granaíno bursts out with, each time he appears on stage. El Granaíno is an artist with soul, an artist who sings with great passion that seems to spurt from the very center of the earth, from the ‘tierra’, a voice in touch with the feeling of the people that is marked with the purest, the finest, and the most simple truth.

Pedro ElGranaino vocals, Patrocinio Hijo guitar
Rycardo Moreno, a noted flamenco and jazz guitarist born in Lebrija into a gypsy family, comes to the Netherlands for the first time with his recent show, A Galeano, a flamenco tribute to iconic Uruguayan writer Eduardo Galeano from his book Libro de los Abrazos (The Book of Embraces).

According to Moreno, the book ‘was impregnated with music and you just had to decipher it.’ Ten of Galeano’s stories are connected through music, evoking flamenco expressions of the people. ‘It’s a fresh and cutting-edge project, which sets to the most social and current texts of this international author’, he says. ‘It happened when I opened The Book of Embraces and got swept up in the metre of Eduardo Galeano’s writing. I read words that could only become a heartbeat, or the twin of a heartbeat: a rhythm.’

Moreno’s career has included collaborations with Dorantes, Esperanza Fernández, Concha Buika, Jorge Pardo, Javier Ruibal, and El Lebrijano. Accompaniment on vocals by Sandra Carrasco, and guitar and palmas by Dani Bonilla.

Rycardo Moreno guitar, Sandra Carrasco vocals, Manuel Valencia percussion, Daniel Bonilla second guitar/palmas/chorus
With intensity and fervor, Antonio Lizana bridges the worlds of flamenco and jazz. Admired as a saxophonist, vocalist, and composer, he has mastered both traditions and brought international recognition to his recordings and performances. Among his many credits is collaborating on a recent CD with Arturo O’Farrill’s Afro Latin Jazz, which has won a Grammy for Best Instrumental Latin Jazz Album.

For this special occasion, he performs selections from his latest recording, Oriente, on which he experiments with Eastern rhythms and sounds in his flamenco-jazz mix.

‘Antonio Lizana plays straight from the heart and with lots of ‘soul’. His music is pervaded with the energy and the salty freshness of the Atlantic that sparkles in his home town Cádiz’ Arno Bornkamp (Dutch Saxophone player and teacher at the Amsterdam Conservatory).

Antonio Lizana Coca saxophone/vocals, Jesús Caparrós Caballero electric bass, Daniel García Diego piano, Shayan Fathi percussion, José María Castaño Mateo dance. Special guest: Arno Bornekamp saxophone
14 Jun 2018 - Flamenco Biënnale Intermezzo: Noche Blanca | BIMHUIS. Amsterdam
Tickets: €30 seated, €25 standing
More info & tickets bit.ly/FBINocheBlanca

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