OmnichannelX Conference 2019

OmnichannelX Conference 2019

30 jan 06:00 - 01 feb 09:00 - Amsterdam
Hotel Casa Amsterdam

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The 2019 Omnichannel Conference brings together multiple experts and disciplines under one roof to tackle a problem that none of them could tackle alone. The presentations and workshops will cover the 4 key topic areas supporting omnichannel: content, design, governance, and systems.

The 2-day conference and 1-day of pre-conference workshops are for people who want to learn about omnichannel strategies and delivering excellent omnichannel experiences.

Join us January 30th to February 1st, 2019 at the venue Hotel Casa Amsterdam to learn about and discuss

-Omnichannel strategy
-Omnichannel experience and service design
-Omnichannel content marketing
-Omnichannel systems, platform and data strategies
-Artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimise omnichannel experiences, and
-Much, much more

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