212: PRO O TEST MARCH Eindhoven

212: PRO O TEST MARCH Eindhoven

14 mrt 18:00 - 21:00 - Eindhoven
De Witte Dame Eindhoven



The local municipality elections are imminent (21st of March 2018) so it’s time to debate our city and its nightlife!

Before joining the debate (Debat van de Eindhovense Nacht), we will all gather in front of the DAE (Design Academy Eindhoven) and move all together to Designhuis, at Stadhuisplein 3 (debate place)

We'll use our cart as a marker, giving rhythm to this dynamic initiative with music and drinks!

When we arrive at Stadhuisplein, it is your decision to stay or to leave the debate but we think, as the 212, Keldernacht and SwiepSwap, that this is important for us, for you, for the nightlife of Eindhoven and its future.

If you want to bring your own way to make your voices heard please be our guests, as long as you have fun showing your enthusiast and your wonderful energy!


Debate for the night of Eindhoven: www.facebook.com/events/651732021617666/

Gastcollege: Prof. Dr. Willem van Rhenen MD

22 mrt 10:00 - 12:00 22 mrt 10:00 - 12:00 - Eindhoven Eindhoven
De Witte Dame Eindhoven De Witte Dame Eindhoven
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