The Oldtime Stringband & Tildon Krautz(US/FR)

The Oldtime Stringband & Tildon Krautz(US/FR)

14 okt 15:30 - 18:30 - Hoorn
Het Huis Verloren


The Oldtime Stringband behoeft geen introductie meer. Drie cd's, veel goede recensies, veel optredens in Nederland, festivals in België, een toertje in Californië en drie UK tours.
Bluegrass, old-time en americana.

Tildon Krauts(US/FR) in wat muziekstijl in ongeveer hetzelfde hokje te plaatsten maar geven hier natuurlijk weer hun eigen draai aan.

"Delightful songs full of crazy, poetic lyrics, dazzling playing and gorgeous vocals."

"A kind of Hieronymous Bosch meets Monthy Python in Yellow Submarine land"

"There’s an integrity and intelligence at play here that one comes across so rarely and I really am in thrall to these hugely gifted people – true artists at work. Do yourself a favour and grab a listen, you won’t regret it."

-Bob Butler ( Director - Grapevine Music Agency, UK)

"Tildon Krautz are a string band par excellence, deliviering rootsy sounds that range from bluegrass to old time folk, jazz and blues"

"ensemble playing is excellent, and the band is fine tuned to eachother at times whipping up a storm"

"Several songs recall the Tin Pan Alley era when folk country and jazz collided with popular song"

-Paul Kerr (Americana UK)

"Many (bands) these days are bland retreads of the past, often boring and predictable. In the more off-beat world of Tildon Krautz, we get a different take on music, with lyrics that engage the heart and mind"

"Each (song) has the listener wondering what is going to happen next, this is not something that can be said of most (bands) these days"

-Paul Riley (Country Times, UK)

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