Missing Maps evening Maastricht

Missing Maps evening Maastricht

13 mrt 18:00 - 21:30 - Maastricht
Gespot: UB Randwyck


We NEED YOU to help us reach people in need!
Humanitarian aid is having difficulties locating and reaching remote villages!

Across the entire globe, disasters happen. To limit the consequences of those disasters as much as possible, humanitarian aid is needed.
There is only one big problem in many regions across the globe. A lot of regions aren't properly mapped, so humanitarian aid organizations can't effectively do their job because they don't know how to get there or reach the nearest water resource for example.

For this reason, Missing Maps was set up. Missing Maps in this form is an evening activity where we meet with a group of students (You guys :) and we start putting together proper maps of these vulnerable areas of the globe derived from satellite images on the computer. (No technical knowledge is required!)

So by joining this evening, you can directly help people in need and you can become a lifesaver!

Assure your spot and join the Missing Maps event in Maastricht by filling in this 5 second sign up form!
Be quick because there is a limit of people we have to take into account!
We will see you the 13th of March and together we will be saving lives!
(without application, you cannot join the evening)


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