Oldseed (de) + Linda Sloane

Oldseed (de) + Linda Sloane

17 apr 20:00 - 23:00 - Nijmegen
De Onderbroek

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We are very excited to welcome our old friend OLDSEED again.
probably one of the best Folk singers you will see, beautiful lyrics and vocals plus amazing guitar tunes.
Played in Nijmegen quite a few times and never dissapointed.

So come and join this very nice tuesday evening with us.
We will make sure it will not get to late.


craig bjerring, aka oldseed, creates an outright attack on the general blandness that dominates a world of overrated songwriters. His performances emphasize his sincere, zero-bullshit approach that shines from the musical treasures that are oldseed. His words are personal, haunting and reveal the emotional underpinnings that are woven into his compositions, which often seem soft as a lily in the beginning, only to eventually burst into a beautiful tantrum. This climax is always moving, often unsettling and essentially conceived songwriter craftsmanship at its best. If you believe that we live in sad times when it comes to folk music and the craft of songwriting, that the cheesy and pretentious have taken over and that their dull, lifeless and ugly sound will prevail, you might want think again. listen to songs that could change this notion, they may even change your life. listen to oldseed.

Very happy that the amazing Linda Sloane will come lighten up this tuesday evening with her great Jazzy sing and songwriter songs.

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