Staff/Student Activity: diner rouler

Staff/Student Activity: diner rouler

14 mrt 17:45 - 21:30 - Nijmegen
Synergy Study Association

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Do you want to come in touch with your staff while eating a delicious diner rouler in 3 different restaurants? How cool is that?! This will be followed by a few drinks, where we will reveal who has become staff member of the year. Join us at 5:45 PM on Wednesday the 14th of March for the price of €7,50 for members and €20,- for non-members. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite staff member via .

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Atlas Trip: Moscow

14 apr 11:00 - 21 apr 14:00 14 apr 11:00 - 21 apr 14:00 - Nijmegen Nijmegen
Synergy Study Association Synergy Study Association
Dutch follows English The destination of the Atlas Trip has been announced! This year we will be visiting the beautiful city Moscow! The trip will take place from the 14th of...   Meer info

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