Council Elections

Council Elections

18 apr 00:01 - 25 apr 23:59 - Rotterdam
Erasmus University Council

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Would you like to see more sustainability? Better facilities? Higher quality of education? More housing opportunities? This is your chance to vote for a candidate who represents your values and the best interest of the EUR community.

It is time for you to vote for one representative for your Faculty Council and one representative from your faculty for the University Council!
Starting from April 18th (00:01) until April 25th (23:59), you see the list of candidates and vote at:

It only takes about 2 minutes to vote online and make sure that your best interest is being represented in meetings with Policy Makers, Deans, and the Executive Board.

Who are the University & Faculty Councils?
The University & Faculty Councils represent the best interest of the EUR community. Council members have the power to consent, advise, and be informed on many different policies and decisions being made at the EUR. A high quality of participation is crucial for students and staff members to be well represented within Erasmus.

To find our more about the role of the University Council visit:

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