Earth Diver

Earth Diver

18 mei 20:30 - 19 mei 22:00 - Rotterdam
Luxor Theater


The opening performance of Operadagen Rotterdam 2018 is a sensational total experience and get-together of concert, documentary, storytelling and installation by director Wouter Van Looy. The audience takes place in a gigantic installation. Singers of the German ChorWerk Ruhr stand around the spectators and sing work of Heinrich Schütz (1585-1672): religious music that brought comfort and immortality in times when plague and despair afflicted German. Schütz's music makes one look up with hope, Wim Cartrysse's video footage shows a dark place deep under the ground, inhabited by miners. In the center of the stage performer and singer Phil Minton reads and sings a moving poem by Paul Verrept about loss and detachment.

The Addams Family

26 feb 20:00 - 03 mrt 18:00 26 feb 20:00 - 03 mrt 18:00 - Rotterdam Rotterdam
Luxor Theater Luxor Theater
De griezelig hilarische musical The Addams Family met sterrencast, live orkest, prachtige decors en spectaculaire effecten mag u niet missen! Met Pia Douwes, Johnny Kraaijkamp...   Meer info

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