Oscar Benton & Johnny Laporte

Oscar Benton & Johnny Laporte

15 jun 17:00 - 19:00 - Utrecht
Muziek Staffhorst Vinyl


Blues legend Oscar Benton is back!
New album I Am Back
15 juni 2018 @ Instore Live Muziek Staffhorst Vinyl
It has been seven years since Oscar Benton said farewell to his musical career. In 2018, the ‘white blues king’ is making his comeback with a brand new album titled ‘I Am Back’. The album was recorded along with Barrelhouse- guitarist Johnny Laporte at the nursery home where Benton is living since his serious brain damage in 2008. The single ‘Bensonhurst Blues Revisited’ – a remake of his global hit single from 1981, is also out now.

Oscar Benton became a true blues legend in the sixties and seventies. His international breakthrough followed in 1981, when his single ‘Bensonhurst Blues’ got featured in the French movie Pour La Peau D’un Flic’, featuring French movie star Alain Delon. The single became a number one hitsingle in many European countries and got Oscar to perform all cross Europe until he got injured, ending into a coma in 2008.

This accident appeared to be the end of a glistering career. His injury caused serious brain damage and Oscar is now living into a special nursery home. That same nursery home is the place where Benton surprises friends and enemies by singing a fabulous version of Frank Sinatra’s ‘My Way’ during his 67th birthday.

It appears to be the start of a new project in which guitarist Johnny Laporte records a brand new record with the blues legend.

It’s early February 2016 when Oscar is throwing his birthday party. People are talking, drinking and music is being made. Suddenly Oscar stands up and sings this beautiful version of Sinatra’s ‘My Way’ again. Everybody is speechless and surprised that he is still able to do this. After this party, Oscar got better and better .A room in his nursery home was transferred into a studio where he was able to record record songs. “Before we new it, we recorded a full album together. It was amazing!” says producer Johnny Laporte.

Over the last years, Oscar Benton only performed on special occasions. He did some shows in Boekarest(R) and Istanbul(T) and was invited by the Czechian president to perform at the Christmas cabinet party in Prague.

The blues in Oscar Benton’s heart is still alive and on his new album’ I Am Back’ he shows that he is not ready to retire yet!

I Am Back’ is released by Munich Records, Netherlands.

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