Practitioners Training Program in Amsterdam

Practitioners Training Program in Amsterdam

03 aug 10:00 - 12 aug 18:00 - Amsterdam
Akademie Voor Massage & Beweging


Are you ready to improve people’s lives?

With great excitement, we are happy to invite you to the 1st Ilan Lev Method Training Program in Holland.

No previous experience required.

The treatment improves human capability, relieves aches, pains and stress. It also improves functional difficulties and body-circulation.

The treatment works with a strong connection between body and mind. Our unresolved emotional history is strongly correlated with blockages in the physical body. Therefore the method doesn't only treat motor dysfunction issues concerning physical disabilities, but also works on a mental dimension.

​In the session the client’s body is gently moved, creating a rich and thoughtful dialogue between the practitioner and the patient. Movement returns to parts of the body where communication was cut-off or stopped due to injury, pain or emotional issues. Dialogue within the whole system is restored. The session is intensive, with endless new material and allows new knowledge to be acquired within the patient.

A main idea on which the method is based, is that the central nervous system, as well as serving as a monitoring system, also delivers new input from the body to the mind, directly to the subconscious in the sensory part of the brain. The logical brain is an obstacle when it comes to unknown information. The sensory part of the brain goes around this obstacle.

​This direct reception evokes an unusual, deep and intensive learning process in which the body’s natural ability to heal itself is emphasized.

Come and learn it from Ilan Lev himself!

The training program consists of 4 modules, each module has 10 consecutive studying days, according to these dates:
Module 1 - Aug 3-12, 2018
Module 2 - April 26 - May 5, 2019
Module 3 - Aug 2-11, 2019
Module 4 - April 24 - May 3, 2020

Location: Wingerdweg 32, 1031 CA Amsterdam
Time: 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.

You pay a non-refundable registration fee of €500.
Each modules costs € 1250, to be payed in the month before each module. The last payment is € 750.
Total cost: € 5000

After the program ends, participants will receive a certified ILM practitioner diploma.

Missing classes:
You can miss up to 1 studying day in every module and still be eligible for receiving the certification diploma at the end of the training program.

After the course:
Practitioners who choose to do so, will be able to join our circle of practitioners, it is a members club for the active ILM practitioners.
It gives our community members the option to appear in our recommended practitioners album in the ILM website, discounts in continuation courses for graduated practitioners and access to our ever-growing digital video library that has hundreds of hours of recorded classes from previous years.

For more info and registration contact us:
Dorry Aben

Avishai Pollac

Lets build together the ILM community in Europe!

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