Star Wars Destiny S01 Clash of Fates Tournament

Star Wars Destiny S01 Clash of Fates Tournament

15 apr 13:00 - 18:00 - Amsterdam
Friends & Foes Amsterdam


A long time ago in a board game store not that far, far away......

Friends & Foes Amsterdam S01 Clash of Fates Tournament

Participant list below.

Location: Friends & Foes Amsterdam, van Woustraat 202a, 1073NA Amsterdam. (Parking is free on Sunday)
Date: Sunday April 15th 2018
Entrance: 5,00.
Max 16 players.

-->It is not permitted to bring/use your own drinks and snacks!
-->Beverages are mandatory.

-->Eigen consumpties mogen niet in de winkel genuttigd worden!
-->Consumpties verplicht.

SO1 organized play kit prizes (see picture)
Top 16: Alternate art The Force Is With Me.
Elite Prize Card: Alternate art Holdout Blaster.
Elite Prize Item: Set of five acrylic damage tokens.
Boosters: 1st- 5 boosters. 2nd- 3 boosters, 3rd 2boosters.

The tournament:
Swiss - 35 minutes per round.
Door open/register: 13.00 hrs
First round: 13.15 sharp
End: 18.00
Max. 16 participants. First come, first serve.

You need to be registered at forehand. Use this Facebook event, call or e-mail us. See below for e-mail and/or phone info.

Zet je jezelf op 'gaan' in dit FB event, dan doe je mee en heb je een plek. Sta je op 'geïnteresseerd' dan doe je (nog) niet mee! E-mailen en of bellen om je aan te melden kan ook. Zie gegevens onderin.

Via FaceBook: Friends & Foes Amsterdam
Via phone Friends & Foes Amsterdam: 06 - 29 112 371
Via e-mail: info at

Vergeet niet je eigen deck, battlefield, characters, dobbelstenen, playmat plus resource, damage en shield tokens mee te nemen.

Players must use the same team, deck, and battlefield for the duration of the tournament.

Tournaments at this level are welcoming to all players, regardless of experience level. Players are encouraged to help each other improve and learn, so long as it does not significantly disrupt the
game. The focus is on creating a fun and friendly environment.

All tournament participants are expected to act in a respectful manner during a tournament. If players have a dispute during a competition and cannot resolve it themselves, they must call for a
judge to resolve it and provide any rulings that are needed. All card interpretations during a tournament are a marshal’s responsibility, and he or she may overrule the rules documents
when a mistake or error is discovered.

Unsporting Conduct
Players are expected to behave in a mature and considerate manner and to play within the rules and not abuse them. This prohibits intentionally stalling a game for time, placing components with excessive force, inappropriate behavior, treating an opponent with a lack of courtesy or respect, cheating,
etc. Collusion among players to manipulate scoring is expressly forbidden. The organizer, at his or her sole discretion, may remove players from the tournament for unsporting conduct.

1) Leon H.
2) Kenny V.
3) Rob vd V.
4) Tom R.
5) Gregory B.
6) Andrej P.
7) Markie M.
8) Rutger K.


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