COACH Training in Amsterdam

COACH Training in Amsterdam

09 mei 09:00 - 12 mei 17:00 - Amsterdam
Hampton by Hilton Amsterdam / Arena Boulevard


Castorian & Overdurfian Advanced Conversational Hypnocoaching.

“Closed and open eye hypnosis, NLP, HNLP & coaching.

Our newly upgraded C-O-A-C-H training contains the following:

Approximately 3 days of online content, will be sent out after full payment, and minimum 2 weeks before the live training

Live Training:

4 intense days

Yes as studying or exercises in the evening

Free and full access to student forums and video’s


The C-O-A-C-H training is for everyone who want to work with people through conversation and communication. We don’t require any additional certifications or trainings, like we do on other courses, to participate on the C-O-A-C-H training.


It’s not a secret that this is our most “action packed” training, with a lot of great opportunities afterwards. You can work with anyone in a classic “closed eye” therapy and hypnosis style, and you can work with “open eye” sessions through powerful communication based on several skills and structures.

Trance is always there, but not in the old school hypnosis fashion, but through some simple question processes, that will take you client there easily, even if they are resistant.
The client does not have to know when you do this or that, but only that you work with them and for them.
You will get great tools for corporate work, like optimization of internet and extern communication. Modern and brain based and emotional goal-setting that will empower success. You can help CEO’s, employees and everyone with new Strategies, more positive thinking. To overcome limited beliefs and behavior, get and enjoy success, and to be a real template or strong individual.
The mix between high class hypnotherapy techniques, modern and powerful coaching and pioneer NLP & HNLP concepts, will give you extreme diversity in any approach and how to help others.
Non corporate clients will be able to get the same results in other areas of life. It could even be elite performers of sports, music or acting who wants to be better at what they do.

C-O-A-C-H contains new groundbreaking skills, that can release any trauma, no matter of origin. Great success rate in severe PTSD clients, and optimize action of the physiological body. You will be able to optimize your personal communication skills, so you will never have to read a script Dusting a session, and give you the power to be absolute present, always able to lead and guide your client.
This is the only training that we know of, that combines the best from several worlds of therapy, in a fluent technique, that will feel easy for any C-O-A-C-H Practitioner.It truly goes a step further than the best from Hypnotherapy, NLP and coaching - and ensures fast and lasting results.


Castorian Hypnosis based on Martin Castors creative mind and skillset. With his amazing way of uncomplicated complex structures & techniques.

P.O.C – Fast & effective induction that prepare clients for a better outcome, with great relaxation.

C.E.R.I – Superinduction that works with anyone, and that will activate most senses instantly.

Castorian Collapse – Connect and release any trauma, P.T.S.D or past memories – convert it into resources, without being in or knowing anything about the trauma.

Dream-Self Technique – The ultimate “get success” finale in any session. Integrated future pacing, inner child and dream realization.

Based on John Overdurf’s incredible mind and insights. Brain based learning and development through “open eye” or trance sessions.

Exclusive Six Step Reframe – With a powerful twist. A genius way to perform parts therapy in a more simple way.

Chunking up and down to explore positive intentions and integrate.

Navigation Tools – to guide, pace and lead any client, to destroy negative patterns, and get to resources fast.

Values Hierarchy – Is a goal setting tool that will straighten up the clients inner thoughts and desires.

Find the REAL resources and goals, to uncomplicate their lives, and make everyday easier to get success.

A blend between Castorian, Overdurfian and other amazing ideas and ways to communicate on a professional level, with life lasting results.

Body Language – Read and lead on a non-verbal level, beyond what most people teach. In a way where you can create change and authority in any context.

The Coaching Model – To ensure success, and “cut to the bone” conversations. That will leave any client in a state of change.

Foreground / Background – Coaching technique, that will find resources in any problem.

Non Awareness Set – Communicate in a non verbal way with stunning results, and to overcome any resistance.


Q: Can I see clients right after the course?
A: Yes, in any way you can help with the tools we taught you.

Q: Will I have to renew my certification?
A: No, when you first have it, no need for renewal.

Q: Can I teach people the tools I learned?
A: That is for certified instructors only.

Q: Can I get help after the course?
A: Our student forum has many many hours of video and bonus instructions, so there is plenty of help. Also you can connect with other practitioners, and we will answer any questions within 48 hours.

Q: I really want this, can I pay in rates?
A: To get certified we need full payment. So we do not offer rate payments. But you can get that through PayPal, your bank or other providers.

Q: Do I learn real Hypnosis too.
A: Yes, and more powerful than most schools as a guarantee.

Q: Do I have to do the online pre-course?
A: Yes. Our pre-course has a lot of information and great teachings that is crucial to the course. And which will make everything much easier for you.

Q: How will you teach me this? Is there "hands on” exercises?
A: We practice Brain Based Accelerated learning, with a lot of demo’s and “hands on” so you will really learn this, not just knowing the acts.

Q: Do I get a title; and what is the certification?
A: Yes as a C-O-A-C-H Practitioner, and you will be certified through ISAHt


Regular price for this complete training including full certification and access to the student forum is: $3997 / €3347
We do have a introductional price / Early Bird
when we do the training in a new country which is: $1497 / €1497


We offer a special Train The Trainer course, for those who wants to teach and inspire others. And who wants to share great techniques to the world as well.

We call it: Trauma Calibration Technique Instructor (TCTi) - and you will be certified to train others in to becomen certified Trauma Calibration Technique Practitioners (TCTp).

It is isolated tools and technoques to work on trauma, PTSD, fear and anxiety, to create instant positive change within one or two sessions guaranteed.
This certification will require a completion and certification of the C-O-A-C-H course, and will require another day after the C-O-A-C-H course for full examination to become an instructor.

The exam will be both written and based on several teachings demo’s. All needs to be passed to become a certified instructor.
You will get all manuals, student forum access and certificates from us, so it will be as easy as possible for you. It will be a 2 day course you teach, including certification exam.

What you can charge for the two day training is $547/€437 per person.

The TCTi Certification / Instructor Certification is less than 2 future students!

We only charge $897/€697 for the full 1 day certification.

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