Ulick Burke: Move in to Health Seminar

Ulick Burke: Move in to Health Seminar

26 mei 10:00 - 27 mei 16:00 - Amsterdam
Systema Amsterdam


Ulick Burke Seminar Amsterdam 2018

Move in to Health

We know that it is good to stretch, squat and run. But these are general guidelines, do we know the specific; what is best for ourselves? How do we manage our own imbalances and injuries?

Feedback loops are essential for getting to know our bodies and becoming aware of change. We can use these loops to personalise our exercises by quickly finding out what works, and what doesn’t.

Test - treat - retest.

Over the weekend you will learn how to assess the function of all the major joints and how use self massage to improve your quality of movement. These movement based assessments can be used before and after specific exercises to measure change.

Movement based feedback loops also help us see our body in terms of causal relationships. If we only know the location of pain, and not the cause, then the intervention is inevitably local. But if we can find out what causes the pain, then we have a clear route to resolving the impaired movement.

We will also explore a variety of cheap everyday objects that can be used to increase mobility and for self massage.

Ulick Burke

I’m an acupuncturist who is interested in movement. I run a private practise and teach the M-Test ( a movement based acupuncture protocol ) around the world. My practise is heavily influenced by Feldenkrais and Systema, especially the development of ease and pleasure in movement. To understand that what feels good is right. My goal is to help people understand their body and develop resilience, not by being tough, but by finding creative ways to resolve poor quality movements.

Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th May

Time: 10:00 to 16:00 hour

Cost: € 125,- (both days only)!

Location: Combat & Health Academy Amsterdam, Velbiesstraat 6a, Amsterdam Noord.

Spaces will be limited to 20 people!. Registration can be done soon

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