Open Your Power & Energy@Amsterdam

Open Your Power & Energy@Amsterdam

29 sep 09:00 - 30 sep 18:40 - Amsterdam
USC Body & Mind

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In this workshop you will awaken your inner potential/resources to Master your Life, to step into your full potential, to become more fullfiled, balanced and alive.

You will LEARN HOW to:

-manage your emotions,
-use them as a potential leverage,
-become free of limiting patterns and beliefs,
-change perspective,

-shift states of energy and mind,
-be fully alive and powerfull,
-balance your energy,
-become more aware and present,
-use the power of your heart, acceptance and compassion,
-love yourself and others
-enhance relationships
-open yourself to the life you deserve to live and celebrate!

LIFE MASTERY is about:

- Your unlimited Power of Being You - from your body, mind, emotions, to your energy, your heart strenght, your self-expression, clarity and higher conexion.

- Becoming aware of that evolutionary sparkle touching you from the inside, pulling you forward - to LIve an Extraordinary Life!

Shivani shares the aliveness and passion of living life and love to it´s full potential, offering you tools to unlock your inner resources, your power, your heart, your mind, body and energy.



Saturday & Sunday
with Shivani & Barbara


University Sport Centre at the Tweede Boerhaavestraat 47B Amsterdam.


Workshop - Date to be annouced
13h - 18h, Saturday & Sunday

150 € p.person
80 € students

* if you can't attend Sunday or you have any financial question, please contact us.

Please book by mail, or put that you´re coming on facebook event. We will send you all the info for your reservation.


Msg: Facebook event

Shivani LifeMastery


@Eindhoven & Amsterdam
private sessions for individuals or couples (Skype too).

It´s a one-to-one aproach, with amazing results, in which Shivani is dedicated to support and guide you to:
-master your life,
-learn about your energy and how you can balance it,
-open up to your full potential,
-awaken your inner resources and strenghts,
-become more alive, powerful and self-loving,
-make a major shift in your life,
-create and attract loving relationships,
-achieve your visions, goals and dreams.



is the founder of LifeMastery :
Workshops, Life & Love Coaching, OSHO Tantra & Active Meditations, Therapies: Osho Primal Breath (Rebirthing and Bioenergetics), Energy chakras alignment, Holistic body-mind-energy healings, Tantra LoveWay.

Shivani is a therapist, life & love coach and teacher, with vast experience leading self-development workshops for groups in several countries in Europe and Brasil.

Shivani is Portuguese, based in Lisbon, she has a Law degree, worked in consulting and events. She has had training over the last 14 years in Portugal, Brasil, Europe, USA, Osheanic International (Brasil) and India at OSHO Multiversity Puna and Dharamsala, in several areas from Meditation, Breathing Techniques, Body Therapies, Chakras Alignment, Rebirthing, Lowen Bioenergetics, Shamanism, Tantra, Energy Reading, Quantum Healing and Coaching (Tony Robbins approach).

Check our site for more info:

Barbara Falorni is Holistic Massage therapist and Yin Yoga instructor, experienced in supporting personal transformation trough body & energy work, breathing techniques, meditation.

“I strongly believe in the intelligence of the body and I trust its self-healing ability when given space and time .”

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