Next Move

Next Move

25 mei 10:00 - 26 mei 21:00 - Arnhem
ArtEZ Bachelor Docent Dans


On May 25th and 26th the international conference Next Move: Into the Future of Dance and Music Education will take place in Arnhem. This conference is part of a three year research on the future of dance and music education. The result is a new, inclusive vision on education in dance and music, which will be presented during this end conference.

During the conference the results will be presented in original ways. As a guest, you are taken outside of the traditional conference room and into the centre of Arnhem. Walking several tours in Arnhem, you will encounter different activities that represent the new vision on dance and music education. All these activities are organised by students of three international schools (ArtEZ Bachelor Dance in Education, DOCH Stockholm and Rama Aarhus).

The presentations show the current, broad professional practice of dance and music teachers: they do not only work at schools anymore, but with different audiences and in the middle of the society. The dance or music teacher of the future looks for the needs of the students and has an entrepreneurial spirit.

The different routes on May 25th and 26th bring you to places such as nursing homes, municipalities and companies, where you are able to see lessons but also visit inspirational keynotes and stories from daily practices. The programme of Next Move is varied and offers a broad spectrum of innovative, current and future practices from dance and music education.

Next Move is a collaboration of ArtEZ Bachelor Dance in Education, The Royal Academy of Music Aarhus/Aalborg, Stockholm University of the Arts, DOCH School of Dance and Circus. Next Move is made possible through a financial contribution from Erasmus +.

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