Transforming the undercurrent of reality

Transforming the undercurrent of reality

24 apr 09:00 - 17:00 - Den Haag
DISC- Dutch International Storytelling Centre

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The world is changing rapidly and yet we seem to be turning around in circles. The future is taking shape before our eyes, but more often than not, it’s the old dressed up in new clothes.

What if we learned to see those patterns – understand their origin – and start creating a new story? A life-enhancing story.

In this workshop, which was designed with Theory-U as a design framework, the focus is on ‘Seeing’ and ‘Sensing’ our own reality.

Participants work with a personal question that is at heart for them. A situation or project where one seems stuck, or repeating old patterns. Or a situation where one feels as if a lot of potential is not yet being realized.

This course is for anyone with personal interest in transformation processes, storytelling and systemic work. People who have the courage to view themselves as a research object.

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