Chinese Calligraphy Workshop

Chinese Calligraphy Workshop

10 mei 18:00 - 20:00 - Den Haag
Miss Wang teaches Chinese


Chinese calligraphy is a form of aesthetically pleasing writing (calligraphy), or, the artistic expression of human language in a tangible form. This type of expression has been widely practiced in China and has been generally highly esteemed in the Chinese cultural sphere (including, historically, for example, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and Vietnam). There are some general standardizations of the various styles of calligraphy in this tradition. Chinese calligraphy and ink and wash painting are closely related: they are accomplished using similar tools and techniques, and have a long history of shared artistry.

According to Stanley-Baker, "Calligraphy is sheer life experienced through energy in motion that is registered as traces on silk or paper, with time and rhythm in shifting space its main ingredients."

During the event, I will show you:

1. The history of chinese characters
2. How the chinese characters are formed
3. How to hold the brush
4. How to write chinese characters in different styles
5. How to express your spirit, your expectation, and your character by writing chinese calligraphy
6. More surprises are waiting for you......

Entrance: 10 Euro
Deposit 5 euro to be transferred as confirmation, 5 euro to be paid in cash on event date.
payment by bank transfer:
ING: Z Wang NL11 INGB 0650 4593 18

Location: The first floor of Den Haag Central Library (Spui 68
2511 BT, Den Haag)

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