Tales of wines and food: Piemonte

Tales of wines and food: Piemonte

18 mei 20:00 - 25 mei 23:00 - Eindhoven


An hymn to joy, you the tradition and the history of the culinary art that has there developed since ancient times in Piedmont. Two evenings (Friday 18th or 25th) of beautiful stories, where every dish will be paired with different and special wine from this amazing region. Piedmont has two kitchens – the richer of the Savoy court, and the poorer ones. Both have contributed to a wide variety of regional recipes. You will learn how to make a menù with luxurious dishes served at the Savoy court, but also the simple, rural dishes based on the ordinary ingredients and coming from the farmers’ traditions.

Expect an incredible journey made of stories and tastings about Piedmont – stories of hard work, dreams, pain, love and hope. In a word: life. A life sealed with a cork and grown ripe until time reunites man and nature in harmony. Evenings of beautiful stories, excellent wine and delightful traditional Piedmontese food. If you wish to live this experience book you tasting in advance at info@cucina-italiana.eu.

5 dishes 45€, wine pairing 15€ (5 glasses)

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