Magia Latina Salsa & Bachata Festival [in the making]

Magia Latina Salsa & Bachata Festival [in the making]

01 nov 15:00 - 04 nov 04:00 - Nijmegen
Concertgebouw de Vereeniging


==== IN THE MAKING ====

Magia Latina Salsa & Bachata Festival

A new Latin festival in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. In one of the most beautiful venues in the country!

Magia Latina is already an established party which uses smaller rooms in this venue, but look just as beautiful. And now we wanna go BIGGER and BETTER!
We will do this by also using the biggest and most beautiful area: the Concert Hall.

Our concept is very simple: QUALITY OVER QUANTITY.

We want to give you only the best teachers, performers and DJs. So no show programme of 20+ shows, no needless filler material, no exaggerated amount of areas (no Kizomba, no Zouk, no West Coast Swing).

Also, Nijmegen is arguably the oldest city in The Netherlands going way back to the Roman Empire! But it's also a city which keeps up with modern times, making it an outstanding place to spend a weekend.

We have JUST started with preparations and we want to make you part of the progress, right from the start ;)

So, we will keep you up to date and we will even ask you for your opinion on some matters!



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