Life Coaching & Energy Balancing

Life Coaching & Energy Balancing

21 dec 12:00 - 18:00 - Rotterdam
Avontuur - Ark for Healing, Well-Being and Inner Growth

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[Offered all year on appointment]

Life Coaching & Energy Balancing

The rewards of inner work are great!

Feeling expanded, connected to life, transforming negativity to positivity and healing old wounds. This is the inner life we all aspire for. It’s a complex and arduous journey as we are met daily with challenges. Every time we grow a bit, we discover there is more to learn, more to heal! We refer to this as the Path. A path that takes us from victim thinking to empowered consciousness. From a serious and constrained mind, to a sincere, serene and sensitive Being.

Learn to open your heart, to speak your truth, and to go for what you truly desire, instead of adapting, trying to fit in or constantly please others.

The Buddha said it wisely, “Be a Light unto thyself”.
Workshops, retreats and seminars are a great way to focus your attention on core issues that affect your everyday life. The group participants create an inspiring energy field that helps everyone to reach new heights.

However, there may be reasons that a more personal approach is needed. It is an empowering gift to receive individual support to transform the stubborn and life-limiting parts of the psyche that keep on sabotaging your growth. It is profound to realize how early childhood traumas continue to affect your life and your daily choices!

Fortunately, as you mature, the calling to heal and grow also gets louder. Deep inside, there is a flame that want to shine brighter, wider. We call this your Essence. It is the flame of your Soul, a part that aspires more… more joy, more love, more creativity, more serenity. To live your life in fullness, and share your gifts in creating a more beautiful and inspiring world.

To support this process, receiving life coaching sessions play a fundamental role. The teachings of the Essence Training Academy for Inner Work are a synthesis of Psychology, Energy and Spiritualty – they offer a full spectrum approach that is holistic, empowering and deeply transformative.

Supported with Energy Balancing, which brings together the understandings of Energy Medicine, Energy Healing, and Energy Psychology, a significantly new way living unfolds, referred to as “Energy for Living”.

Don’t wait any longer. Don’t let doubt and delay keep holding you back. Book your session now and start transforming your life!

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Your Coach:

Alexander "Premala" Vollebregt is a full spectrum psychotherapist. He is teacher at the Essence Training Inner Work Academy (, trainer/coach at the Energy Balancing Institute (, and certified practitioner of The Reconnection® and Reconnective Healing® (

In 2005 he started his path to heal his own wounds and awaken to his Souls higher calling. Since then he has committed his life to sharing the tools and teachings that have helped him grow, in mind, body and spirit.

Prior to his awakening, he was an assistant professor at the Delft University of Technology running collaborative research projects around the world. For 20 years he setup interdisciplinary projects researching ways in which man and nature can live prosperous and harmoniously in a socially stimulating, technologically sound and environmentally sustainable ecology.

He is the founder and owner of Avontuur - the Ark for Healing, Wellbeing and Inner Growth ( located in the heart of the city center of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. He offers yoga, meditation, tai chi, massage, life coaching and energy healing sessions, as well as running events, workshop and retreats.

Through his highly sensitive nature and dynamically inspiring energy, he offers a light-hearted approach to deep inner transformation.

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Location: Avontuur – Ark for Healing, Wellbeing and Inner Growth (Scheepmakerskade 2 B, 3011 VX Rotterdam – just behind restaurant “Het Gesprek” on Glashaven 129)

Remotely: Sessions can also be given through online video meetings using Skype or Zoom

Costs: 75/- Euro

Book your session by email to:

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