The Chakra Journey

The Chakra Journey

16 jun 10:00 - 17 jun 17:00 - Rotterdam
Yoga Vidya Rotterdam


Discover your creativity, love and wisdom. Expand your focus and connect to the deeper energy layers of your being. Restore and rejuvenate with this inspiring mini-retreat!

During this weekend Swami Saradananda shares her profound knowledge on this topic and takes you on a chakra journey. She will give pragmatic tools to integrate chakra work into your daily life and simple but powerful techniques. This ancient knowledge will also be connected to asana and pranayama practices in order to fully experience the purification and healing effect. During asana practice chakras get stimulated and activated. Know what’s happening and enrich your practice.

What this journey will give you:
* ba etter understanding of chakras and their connection to emotions, situations and relations

* more inner awareness
* tools to keep your life in balance
* insights into healthier behaviour patterns
* a more-rewarding life-style
* a rejuvenating effect with the asana and pranayama classes

For whom?
This weekend workshop is for anyone who likes to expand their knowledge in yoga, energies and their connections. Some yoga experience is advised.

* Complete workshop
€ 150,- | €140,- for studio members
* One day workshop
€75,- | €70,- for studio members

To sign up please visit our website.

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